Reishi Sport the purest organic Reishi. For athletic performance.
Micro-ground and refrigerated to guarantee maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Reishi Sport the purest organic Reishi. Look for the Certified Organic Product logo. Products which don’t display this logo cannot be considered organic. Additionally, some micro-ground powders are produced in equipment which reheat the product, causing it to lose its properties.

Our Reishi is ground within a refrigerated system which maintains the powder at the optimum temperature to conserve its properties. Not all products on the market are Reishi, and not all are produced to high standards. Request to see any of our certification.

Our products are accredited by the Spanish Sanitary Register: number 21.026871/P, authorized by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition.

Our Reishi carries the up-to-date European Organic Product logo: 4156/012017CL. Authorized by the Castile-Leon Organic Farming Board.

We hold an Allergen-Free Certificate, with allergen analysis realized by an independent laboratory: Sistemas Genómicos S.L., Valencia.

We hold GMO-free Certification both for the mushrooms and the entire line of produce supplied by our laboratory.

Sensory Profile document for our Reishi has been produced by the University of Cádiz, accredited for the elaboration of such profiles by the Spanish National Accreditation Body.


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